TDC Studio

In 2016 we began the transition of the Technology Development Center name, used by  Ventura Adult Community Education, to the business side of the Landon Pediatric Foundation. In order to remain good custodians, we have asked Barry and Denise Tronstad, who brought the original green screen, television studio, and Adobe comprehensive audiovisual train ing course to VACE, to join the Landon Pediatric Foundation Board.

We are partnering with Ventura Global Health to provide telemedicine with embedded Ventura County Medical Centered trained family medicine physicians in Guatemala, Chad, Liberia, Jordan, Bangladesh, and Ethiopia.

We are beginning this journey, partly supported by educational work we do with Genentech, by establishing a concierge service with Ventura Global Health, to connect our global partners when an email that takes a week for a physician to find time to respond to between clinical work, needs a 24 hour response for a patient who has traveled hundreds of miles or lies in a hospital bed.

We are developing a telemedicine presentation and troubleshooting course that will involve our RotarAct, young members of Rotary. We are also working with JPL to establish the practicality of providing this to areas with ” spotty”  telecommunication abilities, utilizing protocols that support interplanetary communication.










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